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Why Kettlebells?

  1. Efficiency: train cardio and strength.

  2. Effectiveness: build muscle, burn fat, and boost metabolism.

  3. Versatility: kettlebells can be used by anyone and for any type of training.

  4. Portability: work out anywhere, anytime.

  5. Functionality: improve balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Great Results in Less Time

Leave "no pain, no gain" behind, and usher in "sustainable gain without the pain". Working out should be fun, pain-free, and add to your energy reserves, so that you can enjoy life. 

Here you'll find that LESS is MORE. Kettlebell Solo classes are safe, gentle, and effective, with just the right amount of stimulus to make progress. This is especially important for those in the 60+ age range!

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​​Meet Your Coaches

We have over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry, and 30 years of kettlebell experience. We are excited to share our passion for kettlebell training with you!

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