Michael Castrogiovanni

Michael is the founder of Kettlebell Solo and has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.

He has followed an unconventional path that includes teaching kettlebells across the country, surviving in the desert, racing BMX bikes, living at a monastery, and walking across Spain — to name a few.

Michael uses the kettlebell as a tool to convey the life lessons he's learned along the way about communication, cooperation, and connection.

  • Founder of Kettlebell Solo and Kettlebell Partner Passing

  • Featured in The Wedge, Simple & Sinister, Dragon Door, My Mad Methods, Underground Strength Coach

  • Co-author and co-star of Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches & Personal Trainers with Brett Jones

  • RKC Certified in 2003

  • StrongFirst Team Leader 2004-2019

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) 2002-2012

  • 2X NSCA Presenter 2004, 2006

  • Certified Blanchard Yoga Instructor

  • Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) Graduate & Apprentice

  • Personal Trainer & Hike Leader at The Biggest Loser Resort

  • Executive Trainer at Fox, Disney, and Paramount Pictures

  • Santa Fe Century Finisher 2019

  • BS Kinesiology, San Diego State

Brittany van Schravendijk

Brittany has been coaching kettlebells since 2011, and was a professional Kettlebell Sport Athlete.

She burned out after years of pushing herself to the limit and went in search of a healthier approach to fitness. In the process, she found Kettlebell Solo, which reignited her love for kettlebells.

Brittany now enjoys helping others develop a more loving relationship with their body, mind, and spirit through a balanced approach to exercise.

  • Featured by Kettlebell Kings, KettleGuard, Girls Gone Strong, Lifehacker, Women's Running, Bodybuilding.com, Mind Pump Media, Lebe Stark

  • Named in the Top 10 Kettlebell Instagram Accounts to Follow

  • World Champion in Kettlebell Sport

  • World & National Record Holder

  • 7X Master of Sport

  • Kettlebell Partner Passing Instructor

  • Master Coach (IKO)

  • Mobility Specialist (FRC)

  • Agatsu Certified, Upper & Lower Body Mobility

  • KOR Head Kettlebell Sport Coach 2014-2018

  • Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team Member & Coach 2011-2014

  • BS Engineering, UC Berkeley